Circuits are not Difficult anymore
Welcome to the world of Ohm and Ampere
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George, 3rd grader, Nueva School,CA "This toy tells the function of each part,it is so simple to connect and play with."
Ms. Laura Wells, Dir. of Elementary, Carden Academy of Almaden "Within our group of mixed ages, both boys and girls equally enjoyed working independently with the safe and easy to handle kit. It was a joy to watch the children become so engaged in the story, and come to understand both the how and why of electrical concepts."
Kathleen Hunter, mom of 2 kids "I love the simplicity of the toy and how well it engages children for a longer period of time.The best part is that I do not have to sit with my child to maker her understand the working of the circuits and electrical parts."
The kit comes with a story book and a set of blocks.Children Read the story,Learn new concepts and Build new circuits.
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